Institute for Photography in Scotland

IPS Season of Photography 2015


A Selection of Daguerreotypes from the 'Daily D Type'

Takashi Ari


Jun 26 - Aug 9

Takashi Arai does uses the daguerreotype as a reliable device for storing memory that is far better for recording and transmitting interactions with his subjects than modern photography. Beginning in 2010, when he first became interested in nuclear issues, Arai has used the technique to create individual records—micro-monuments—of his encounters with surviving crew members, and the salvaged hull, of the fallout-contaminated Daigo Fukury?maru fishing boat, records that touch upon the fragmented reality of events in the past. This project led him to photograph the deeply interconnected subjects of Fukushima, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. In 2014, he received the Source-Cord Prize.

Please note: the exhibition will only be available by appointment from 12 July - 31 July.


23 Cockburn Street

0131 622 6200

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